7th November 2015, Bucharest




Board meeting, Bucharest, November 7 2015, 10.00am -5.00pm

Opera Hotel conference room





1.      Welcome and introduction

There is a problem with attendance to the meetings of the BSA. The BSA discusses how to prevent absence. A first step is to emphasize importance of attendance from the member associations, and perhaps as a further step asking the EC to appoint deputies.


The European Psychologist has a new editor who formally steps on the task in January 2016. The BSA has asked for a statement from the new editor regarding the journal’s forthcoming policy, but has not received this yet.


2.      Apologies for absence


3. Approval of minutes of the Milan meeting (copy circulated previously)


3.      Matters arising from minutes (not covered by the present agenda).

No matters arised

4.      ECP 2017

Remo has been in contact with the organizers of the ECP in Amsterdam. There has been complaints, communicated through the Head office, about the scientific level in the Milan congress. There has also been a problem with attendance.  There need to be a better balance between quality and quantity. The quality of the ECP is discussed, there are different views on this issue within the BSA. The BSA may point out to the next organizers that the number of key notes could be reduced, or not paid completely by the conference. The procedure around the ECP organisations is discussed. The BSA will write a letter to the organizers pointing out problems that have occurred in previous meetings, to the best of the knowledge of the BSA (e.g., quality problems, too many parallel sessions). It would be an advantage to have someone from the host country in the BSA. The BSA will ask the EC to recommend the Dutch or Belgian associations to appoint a person from the scientific committee as a liaison member of the BSA.


5.      Transfer form research to application: final version of the Questionnaire.

José presents a new book Evidence-based training methods by Colvin Clark, which is discussed. The BSA produces a draft for the final version of the survey, which will be circulated to all committee members before being sent out.  Responses to the survey by member associations should be completed by January 31, reminders will be sent out January 15th.  


6.      The Spanish Academy of Psychology.


      José informs about the status of the Spanish Academy of Psychology. The aim of   the academy is to organize activities, lobbying and creating networks for those who have received a PhD in Psychology.


7.      Issues for the work-plan

The most recent action plan for the BSA is not on the website. Matthias is asked to put the most recent on the website. Remo goes through the current action plan.


With regard to the Comenius award the BSA seeks clarification on whether the criteria on age for application (time from PhD rather than applicant’s age) has been changed Marek Blatny will be asked to inquire this question.


8.      Place(s) and calendar of future meetings

Suggested place for next meeting is Brussels. This will allow the BSA to meet with the EFPA EC and the new EFPA president. Remo will ask Valerie about suitable dates, it should probably be around March or April.


9.      Agenda for next meeting

Update on the survey.

The replicability issue.

Update on the planning for the ECP 2017. Invite the president of the ECP Scientific committee.

The list of current members of the BSA on the website should be updated. It is suggested that Remo sends a welcome mail to all listed members of the BSA, encouraging attendance at the meeting. Follow-up at next meeting.



10.  Any other business


Torun will step off the BSA after this meeting.


The questions about which organisations should be represented in the BSA is discussed. Remo will provide the BSA with the constitutions, and contact the EC regarding this issue.


Replicability issues. Are there things that we could do within Europe? This issue should be addressed at the next meeting. The board should think of actions that could be taken with regard to this issue.


11.  Close