31th May 2014, London


Board of scientific affairs


Board meeting, London May 31, 2014

Attendance: Daryl O´Connor, Marek Blatny, José Maria Prieto, Delia Birle, Torun Lindholm, Maria Lihnung



1.      Attendance and apologies.

2.      Consideration of the meeting notes from Madrid.

3.      Matters arising notes from Madrid

a)     Following up the minutes from the Madrid meeting, the board checked the website. It was decided that meeting minutes should be under the Meeting link, and other documents under the ”Document” link. Questions arise regarding the Board’s document on fraud that was finalised during the Stockholm meeting. The document is under the News link, but it should also be put under the Board’s document link.

b)     The BSA discusses the form of  transferring knowledge from the ECPs across years. There has to be some continuity across years. One possibility is to have a ”conference link” person from the BSA, who receives the emails from the organising committee. Remo for Amsterdam?

c)      The link to the Levelt report should be put in the Board’s document on fraud.


4.      European Psychologist: Annual report from the Editor in chief.

The Board is pleased with the journal’s new direction and the attention being paid to the triage process. We are also impressed by the journal’s statistics. We note that the number of new submissions has dropped the last year and the acceptance rate increased. The Board will be happy to discuss ways of promoting and increase the journal’s impact with the journal editor. One issue that could be discussed is to implement open access to key papers.


Any additional issues regarding the annual report will be discussed at the Berlin meeting.


5.      Promoting evidence-based practice: Reports from members and further steps.


a)     Torun presents information regarding the issue of EBP in various disciplines (see power-point).

b)     The Board discusses EBP from various viewpoints: definition, applicability, etc. The question is what the Board can do given that there are no resources to write an extensive document similar to the APA policy statement. It is suggested that the EC of EFPA is contacted about the possibility to fund the writing of a document, maybe similar to the funding of the document on Testing practices.

c)      To remind about the goals set in the Madrid meeting we report here point 5 of the minutes of that meeting:

“Promoting evidence based practice

a.       Goal should be to come up with a document that defines evidence based practice and shows ways to promote it.

                                                              i.      At this point other associations can be asked to comment

b.      It is agreed that it is important to be clear about what we have in mind.

                                                              i.      Promote evidence based practice and first define criteria what this means.

                                                           ii.      This could be the agenda for contacting the other organizations

                                                         iii.      It should be looked into what has been done before

c.      Possible headlines for a work plan could be:

                                                              i.      Steps needed in education and postgraduate education

                                                           ii.      Political implications / goals (What needs to be done / changed)

                                                         iii.      Define what evidence is.

                                                          iv.      Collect what has been done before in other associations / organizations / sciences with regard to this”

d)     The Board decides that Remo should contact the EC forwarding an edited version of our notes from the Madrid meeting (point 5).Promoting evidence based practice

1)     The goal should be to come up with a document that defines evidence-based practice and shows ways to promote it.

                                                              i.      The Board wants to make a survey to explore how the member associations and other relevant stake-holders define EBP. This survey could be written up as an editorial for a special issue of the European Psychologist, which would align well with the journal’s general strategy.

2)     The produced document will include the following aspects:

                                                              i.      What has been done before in other associations / organizations / sciences with regard to this

                                                           ii.      Definition on what evidence is

                                                         iii.      Steps needed in education and postgraduate education

(What needs to be done/changed)

                                                          iv.      Political implications/goals

6.      ECP: Milan and Amsterdam

7.      (new point) Research impact in Europe.

Daryl informs about the British Psychological Society’s Impact Portal that is put up to show the contribution of psychological research to society and economy. Reach and significance are new UK research excellence framework criteria. DO suggests that the BSA should consider making an effort to promote European psychological research that have had an influence on society. We could use the same portal that has been put up by BPS.

The issue will be discussed further on the next meeting when Remo is present, for the BSA to come up with a proposal to the EC.


In connection to this point, José suggest that we find out who are psychologists among the members of the European parliament, so that the BSA can lobby for psychology.


8.      Date, place and time of next meeting

We have preliminary date, November 15th. , that might not suit everyone. Mathias who has agreed to host the next meeting in Berlin is asked to come up with suggestions for dates for the November meeting.


9.      Any other business


We have received the document on Training practices for psychotherapists, but postpone the discussion until next meeting.


A letter has been written by Remo to the Scientific committee of the Milan Meeting on behalf of the BSA that nicely summarize the Board’s points as of the Madrid meeting.