17th September 2016, Brussels




Board Meeting, Brussels, 17th September 2016

EFPA OFFICE, Grasmarkt 105 / 18 B-1000


Attendees: Remo Job, Gregory Collet, Jose Maria Prieto,Christoph Steinebach, Ann-Charlotte Smedler, Jerome Clerc, Daryl O’Connor




1.      Welcome and introduction


Remo welcomed colleagues to the meeting.


2.      Apologies for absence Bucharest meeting (copy circulated previously)


3.      Matters arising from minutes (not covered by the present agenda.


No matters were considered not arising elsewhere


4.      Update on EFPA Convenors’ Meeting (16th September, Brussels).


EFPA are introducing a Robert Roe Prize in memory of EFPA Past President. Nominations will be open from November and will welcome submissions in all areas of psychology including science and practice and from colleagues who have worked hard to bring psychology together across Europe.


Remo reminded the Board about the different EFPA World Days (e.g., World Mental Health Day, Suicide Prevention day etc.). We should think about ways in which the Board can get involved.


EFPA is keen to increase social media presence in terms of Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. If you want to use social media communications then you should contact Head Office (to ensure consistency etc.).


5.  Remo provided an update of the Board’s work to the Convenor’s Meeting on 16th September including our work on Evidence-based Practice (EBP), our advice to the European Congress of Psychology organising committee, European Psychologist, plans to consider the replication crisis.  


The Board congratulated Alexander Grob and his team for successfully increasing the impact factor of the European Psychologist from 1.778 to 3.372. EFPA should advertise the new impact factor widely using social media and elsewhere. In addition, the Board’s Member Association representatives should feed this information back to their Member Associations. We would like to invite the new editor,Peter Frensch, to the next meeting of the Board.


6. Evidence-based practice survey


The EFPA Head Office will send our EBP survey questionnaire to Member Associations. Board members should let Remo (or Christoph) know who the key contact is in each of their Member Association. If no key contact is identified Head Office will send questionnaires to Member Association Presidents. 


The EFPA EC was happy with the questionnaire, but suggested that we ask for an email contact in case we needed/wanted follow-up. 


ACTION: Board Member Association representatives to let Remo know who is the best contact in their country.


7.                  ECP 2017


Amsterdam organisers responded to our concerns raised about the Milan meeting. They are aware of the problems with attendance, too many parallel sessions and the need for balance between gender re: the keynotes etc.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the ECP2017 is way behind schedule. The Call for Abstracts is open but you cannot submit an abstract yet. The Board is deeply concerned that the planning is very late and that the keynotes have not been invited yet. The Board would like a full update on the progress of ECP2017 as soon as possible. In addition, Remo suggested that the Convener of the Board of Scientific Affairs should be a member of the ECP organising committees in order to strengthen communication.


The Board plans to present the results of the EBP survey at ECP2017.


ACTION: Writing the abstract


Note: Each of the different Boards and Committees will be invited to provide symposia at ECP2017.


ACTION: Provide suggestions for keynotes to Christoph.


8.                  BREXIT and EFPA


The Board agrees with the joint statement made by the Presidents of the British Psychological Society and EFPA.  In EFPA only 28 MA are members of the EU. Therefore, from an EFPA point of view, nothing really changes. Members of the Board were very of supportive of continued collaboration.  However, concerns were raised that UK members will be excluded from future funding schemes (in addition to the Horizon 2020).


            9. Replicability in psychological science


The Board discussed issues regarding replicability in psychological science. In particular, Remo suggested that the Board ought to write a position paper on replicability. Daryl also suggested that we ought to hold a replication event at a European level. It was agreed to organise a replication symposium at the ECP in Amsterdam. Daryl will send the Board a link to the BPS Replication event at the Royal Society.


Action: Daryl will draft an abstract and send to the Board.


Action:  Christoph will ask the EC if would provide financial support (approximately 3K euro) and whether it is possible for the speakers’ registration fee to be waived.


The Board discussed Open Science and it was suggested that Peter Frensch (Editor of EP) ought to give some thought to the implications of Open Science for the European Psychologist.


10. Place(s) and calendar of meetings 2016/2017


The Board discussed the best dates for forthcoming meetings and will consider different locations. We will meet in Zurich in February then again at the ECP in Amsterdam. A November meeting still needs to be finalised (though Stockholm is a possibility, the Board felt that it would be good if a MA that hadn’t hosted a meeting came forward).


11.              Agenda for next meeting


12.              Any other business


Remo indicated that we needed to review all the documentation that is on the Board’s webpages. He will write to the Board soon about this issue.


Remo suggested that we invite a representative from the Psychology and the Internet Taskforce to one of our next meetings in order to discuss overlapping interests between our Board and their Taskforce.


Jerome has agreed to update the minimum European standards for doctoral studies and will send to the Board in advance of next meeting. 


13.  Close