13th April 2019, Cyprus






Board Meeting,  Nicosia, Cyprus, 13th April 2019





Venue | Meeting room at the University of Cyprus, New university Campus, Nicosia

Time | 09.00 – 16:00 (GMT+2)


Member Present | Daryl O’Connor, Christian Korunka, Andrea Abele-Brehm, Olivier Luminet, Georgia Panayiotou, Anders Hovland.


Minutes | by Anders Hovland (1-13) and Olivier Luminet (13-19)


1.       Welcome and Introduction

Daryl welcomes everyone to the meeting and thanks Georgia Panayiotou and Cyprus Psychologists Association for hosting a wonderful dinner at Sawa Restaurant, as well as the preparations for the meeting.


2.       Apologies for Absence

Ann-Charlotte Smedler, Filip Smolík, Remo Job, José Maria Prieto-Zamora, Clara Chetcuti and Christoph Steinbach passed on their apologies for absence.


3.       Approval of minutes of the London Meeting | May 2018

The minutes from the Vienna Meeting were reviewed and approved with one change (see attached minutes from London meeting).


4.       Matters arising from minutes

There was a brief discussion and reflection on how our work and the minutes from these meeting are disseminated? There are different practices for the different organisations and representatives. Minutes from some meetings are still not presented on the website.


Ø  Get the minutes uploaded to the web-site. Daryl will follow up with appropriate person promptly, including Sabine Steyaert, at the EFPA Brussels office.

Ø  Update our meeting agenda with a post regarding input from our respective member associations.


5.       Review of workplan for 2018

The two-year work plan, December 2018 – 2019 was reviewed to make sure that the Board is on track.


Ø  Daryl will draft report for General Assembly to be circulated to the Board for feedback.


6.       Update on the EFPA Convenors Meeting (Brussels, December 2018).

 Daryl provided the update on this.


7.       Proposal from the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS)

Olivier presented this issue. The BAPS has decided to launch in the summer a bi-annual Early Career Award that will be announced at our 2020 annual meeting and would like the EFPA BSA to contribute to the assessment procedure. They would like to bring the evaluation procedure to the European level, with the EFPA-BSA to be invited to contribute to the evaluation and recruitment of reviewers who do not have conflicts of interests with the candidates.

The implications and procedures related to this were discussed.

The BSA board supports this initiative.  The delegates from the different countries present at the meeting (Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Norway, UK) indicate that an expert from their national association can be solicited when the list of applicants and their expertise area will be known. Each society will organize the procedure the way that is the most convenient for them (announce the agreement in their EC, and/or contact people directly in October when the list of domains is known).

Olivier will send an e-mail to the BSA members not present in Nicosia after the minutes are sent to ask if their national associations are also willing to participate. Note that participation by member associations is NOT mandatory. The list of areas of expertise needed will be sent early October to the national associations participating in the jury. They will be asked to nominate at least one expert in the areas of the candidates by early November. By end of November, BAPS will make a decision on the committee. Members of the committee will be contacted by Olivier early December. He will inform them about the goals of the award, the assessment criteria, and the application files. The evaluation will be due by early March 2020. Olivier thanks the members of the BSA for their support for this initiative. He indicated that the BAPS EC is open to provide experts from his association when other associations would need to constitute jury committees for their national awards.


Ø  Olivier will contact delegates of associations not present in Nicosia to see if they are also willing to take part to the evaluation process

Ø  The board will receive requirements and an outline on how to organise this from Olivier following the schedule reported above.


8.       Update and discussion about ECP2019 in Moscow (Anna Leybina at 11am).

Anna provided an update on current status.

Summary with regards to number of sessions and presentations:

-          Nearly 3000 abstracts submitted

-          Some people have withdrawn their submissions for financial reasons. Final number will be ready on Monday

-          Approximately 13% abstracts were rejected due to inadequate quality, with no satisfactory revision received following feedback

-          There are currently 40 papers submitted for publication.

A balance in terms of countries and gender has been a focus when selecting keynotes. The Board acknowledges this effort.

-          The themes and classification were reviewed, and Anna informed that these topics corresponded to the topics covered in the submitted abstracts

-          The program is planned to be released early May.

-          Final program to be published in June.

-          The BSA will be acknowledged in the program

-          Financial situation: They are just within the budget in the lower-bound scenario presented at the General Assembly in Amsterdam.


Ø   The Board will provide our names and affiliations to Anna


9.       Update on BSA’s contribution to ECP2019

-          Panel discussion arranged by Eleni. Daryl and Christoph will contribute.

-          Andrea, Daryl and Remo will speak about open science in a BSA arranged symposium.

-          Georgia is delivering one of the keynote addresses.

-          Daryl will also present a paper


Ø  Daryl will request a meeting room for the BSA during ECP2019, however, we note that attendance may be low; therefore, this meeting is anticipated to be a short meeting.


10.   Future format of EFPA meetings

Question from Ann-Charlotte Smedler: Should the BSA arrange skype meetings in addition to regular meetings? This was discussed.

Conclusion: We will encourage members who cannot attend the regular meetings to dial in via a web-platform to attend the meetings virtually, either for the whole or parts of the meeting.


Ø  This will be proposed to the rest of the Board, and this will be implemented in the November 2019 meeting if no major concerns are raised.


11.   Proposed Minimum Standards for the Doctorate Degree in Psychology in Europe

The final version has been reviewed and will be uploaded shortly on the EFPA website .


Ø  Daryl will ask Sabine Steyaert to upload the document


12.   Promoting evidence-based practice

An update was presented by Anders. The draft manuscript for an editorial for the European Psychologist has been revised by Andreas in consultation with Remo, Daryl, and Anders. Remo will add data from the BSA’s recent survey on evidence-based practice in Europe. Anders and Daryl will then comment on this version. A meeting is planned for the end of April to conclude final steps.


13.   Improving psychological science in Europe: Update on Pre-registration task force

Following a panel discussion at the 51st German Society for Psychology conference in Frankfurt (Sept 2018), a pre-registration task force has been convened including colleagues from Germany, the US and UK. This group will be having a teleconference in May 2019. Daryl will keep the Board updated on developments.


14.     European Psychologist

The agreement with Hogrefe will continue. In a recent meeting including the Editor-in-chief, the EC and the Publisher there have been discussions as to how to improve the benefit for EFPA. Some of the outcomes are proposals about a) having abstracts of published papers written for a large audience (including professionals) and possibly published in the EFPA Newsletter, b) developing new ways for making the journal more easily available to members.

Daryl is in contact with Kristen Lavallee, the managing editor of EP. There are discussion for new topics for special issue. There is a new associate editor appointed:  Alexandra Freund

We note that IF has dropped (now it is 2.17).

The BSA EC expresses his thanks to the members of the editorial team for keeping up the standards of the journal.


15.   EFPSA’s events and report

The point is postponed to the next meeting as Clara is not present. Among the current activities, there is a meeting currently held in Copenhagen and a project for a European union of psychology student organization.

The BSA EC expresses its congratulations to the EFPSA Board for the very impressive amount of work being done.


16.   ERASMUS funding statement.

 We note with disappointment that Spanish students cannot go to the UK in 2019/2020 with an Erasmus agreement as a decision of the Spanish Universities to “pause” Erasmus agreements with UK.  The EFPA EC expresses worries that it can affect in a negative way the mobility of those students.


17.   World theme days

Following the selection of relevant world theme done in Vienna (see last minutes), we decided to write a statement for the World Science Day For Peace (November 10). The BSA EC considers that such statements are important ways to show how psychological science can contribute to contemporary issues and debates. The BSA members present in Nicosia completed a statement (which will be distributed to the Board for comment).


Ø  A proposal will be sent to the 6 people present at the meeting that are invited to send comments and send proposals for a final paragraph by April 20 on a Google drive document. It will then be sent to all BSA members for additional comments. When there is an agreement within the BSA, Daryl will send the document to Sabine Steyaert. The statement will be released by EFPA a few days before November 10.


18.   Liaison with other EFPA Boards, SCs, TFs, and WGs

Letter by Ann-Charlotte with her contacts; Daryl interaction with the other Conveners.

The attempts to improve communication between these different instances can be achieved in the best way during the annual convenor meeting as well as during the General Assembly of EFPA like the July 2019 in Moscow. In addition, Daryl noted that EFPA’s new introduction of “Workplace” should also improve communication.


19.   European semester Cyprus

The topic was “Psychology bridging the gap”

The aim was to get together psychologists across Europe for interaction and exchange of scientific knowledge. Apart from internal events, the aim was to bring psychology to community, and use this as an opportunity for psychologists to interact with other professions as well. A broad spectrum of events for bringing together different specializations within psychologists’ community were organized. There was a great deal of positive feedback about these activities. The BSA EC expresses congratulations about the success, which allows EFPA to know more about the situation of psychology in the country, as well as about the country itself.


20. Next meeting

There will be a short meeting with the BSA members present at the ECP Moscow conference.

The next full BSA meeting will be in Belgium (Brussels or Louvain-la-Neuve) in one of the following dates: November 15-16 or 22-23


Ø  Olivier will explore the facilities available in Brussels and on his campus (Louvain-la-Neuve).

Ø  Daryl will send a Doodle poll to find the most convenient date.

Ø  Andrea had suggested that she would be happy to organize the Spring 2020 meeting in Berlin.


21. Closing

The Board expresses thanks to Georgia for organizing the meeting and to the Cyprus Psychological Society for the venue, dinner, lunch, and snacks.


The meeting closes at 4.00 pm.