12nd May 2018, London



Board Meeting | London, United Kingdom

12th May 2018





Venue | British Psychological Society, London Office, 30 Tabernacle St, London, EC2A 4UE

Time | 10.00 – 16:00 (GMT)

Member Present | Daryl O’Connor, Remo Job, Christoph Steinbach, Christian Korunka, Clara Chetcuti, Andrea Abele-Brehm, José Maria Prieto-Zamora, Anders Hovland.

Minutes | by Clara Chetcuti



1.       Welcome and Introduction

Daryl welcomes everyone to the meeting and thanks the British Psychological Society (BPS) for hosting a wonderful dinner, as well as the preparations for the meeting.

All members introduced themselves.


2.       Apologies for Absence

Olivier Luminet, Filip Smolík and Ann-Charlotte Smedler passed on their apologies for absence.


3.       Approval of minutes of the Prague Meeting | December 2017

The minutes from the Prague Meeting were reviewed and approved.


Ø  Ann Charlotte’s topic on research ethics with special reference to good scientific practice & the responsibility of scientific authorship was moved tothe next meeting’s agenda as she could not attend the meeting.

Ø  Minutes from Prague Meeting to be uploaded to the BSA website.


4.       Matters arising from minutes


Ø  Clara to forward minutes from Amsterdam Meeting to Remo.

Ø  Christian and Clara to send biographies for the website


5.       Review of workplan for 2018

The two year work plan, December 2018 – 2019 was reviewed to make sure that the Board is on track.


Ø  Christoph to send an email to EC to check up on the matter.

6.       EFPA Presidents Council Meeting in London | April 2018

Christoph summarised the PCM that was held in April in London.


European Congress of Psychology 2017 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

EFPA will forward final report to BSA to evaluate and give advice to future organisers.  


European Congress of Psychology 2021 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Organising Committee has been established and they have set up the website. The BSA is in ongoing communication with them to help them to organise the Congress. Remo has sent a list of recommendations to the Organising Committee.

The Call for European Congress of Psychology 2023 is in progress and preparation for bids is ongoing within the EC.


European Semester

The presentations that were delivered during European Semesters can be found on the EFPA website. The European Semester enhances collaboration and cooperation. To host a European Semester, there is a Call during the Presidential Council Meetings. If there are no applicants, it will be hosted in Brussels.

Nicola Gale (BPS President) delivered a presentation on European Semester in the UK. A number of meetings and conferences were held in Nottingham. Positive feedback on the impact of the European Semester was received from the United Kingdom.

The next European Semester will be hosted by Cyprus between July – December 2018.


EuroPsy & EFPA Awards

EuroPsy website has a new set up. There is a Call for nominations for EFPA Awards. There will be 1 new award: the Lev Vygotsky Award (childhood, child development and learning and cognitive development) which will be awarded for the first time at the ECP in Moscow. 1 member of BSA will be part of awarding committee.


EFPA News Magazine

The next edition will be in June 2018. Information to be published in the magazine can be sent to EFPA Head Office.


Evaluation of the EFPA Structure | Update

During the PCM, EFPA discussed problems like strategy and resources in order to establish if the structure serves the Federations’ goals. Main outcomes included suggestions to have more project oriented work, establish a needs assessment and ensure sustainability of EFPA Working Groups by assessing quality. Additionally, the use of digital tools was discussed i.e. the possibility of having online extra ordinary GAs or meetings and/or voting to speed up decisions was proposed as well as using Workplace online platform to facilitate the work.

Next PCM will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 16th November 2018. 


Ø  EC to forward slides to BSA.


7.       Promoting Evidence Based Practice: Follow-up from ECP Symposium and Further steps.

During the previous BSA Meeting a special issue in the European Psychologist on Evidence Based Practice was discussed. Daryl wrote to Kristen and Peter and they are very keen on publishing this special edition.


Ø  Daryl to write to Andreas to see if he is still willing to draft the abstract. Call by Remo and identify a second colleague.

Ø  Anders to speak to Andreas about the possible European Psychologist article and EBPP.


8.       Improving Psychological Science in Europe: update on EFPSA Congress in Malta

a.       Society for Improvement of Psychological Science, https://improvingpsych.org/Daryl & Remo congratulated Clara and the Organising Committee of the 32nd EFPSA Congress on a well-attended event. The symposium by Daryl, Remo and Holger Mitterer was very well attended by students who asked a lot of questions.


Ø  Clara to collect feedback from student participants of the symposium.

Ø  Clara to ask someone from JEPS if they can publish an article on the JEPS blog about the symposium on replication at the Congress.


The BSA discussed what else can be done on the matter. The ideas were:

·      Give statement on these issues – including pre-registered reports. Different aspects, speaking to publishers, universities should be thinking of their promotional criteria.

·      Congress next year

·      Possible Event at the EU Parliament to target policy makers

·      Manifesto for reproducible science

·      Workshops

·      EFPSA Congress/Conference presentations



Ø  Daryl to send an email for suggested text for statement in advance of next meeting

Society for Improvement of Psychological Science.

There will be a meeting in Rotterdam – do we want to have representation during the meeting?


Ø  Give some thought to potentially speak at the meeting.

Ø  Possibly invite them to the meeting in Moscow.

9.       The introduction of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (https://www.eugdpr.org/)

 There are research projects in Norway for taking care of this and ensuring that everything is okay. It implies big changes for hospitals and research. However, generally, science has been regulated quite well with strong tight rules.

There have been concerns in UK about data having to disappear. As well as working in schools due to the opt in approach vs opt out. The BSA will keep an eye on these issues, but hopefully, the introduction of GDPR will be smooth.

10.   European Psychologist: Update

Daryl thanked Kristen and Peter for sending their draft annual report to the Board in advance of our meeting. The BSA congratulated the journal for its continued success. Journal has turned itself around in the past 5 years or so and is in a healthy position. Acceptance Rate is 34%. Impact factor is very good.

There was also discussion about how we might be able to make the journal more accessible for EFPA members? Can we offer free access to EFPA Members? The EC will have a meeting with Hogrefe and they will speak about these topics.


Ø  Promote the Journal in the Newsletter and welcome submissions from Europe.


11.   Update and discussion about ECP2019 in Moscow

 The Board was very grateful to Anna Leybina (Chair of the ECP2019 organising committee) for dialing into our meeting.

The number of International Scientific Committee Members is just 14 at the minute and the Organising Committee wishes to have 30.


Ø  Can Board members put additional calls out through their Member Associations for additional members.


Proposed Keynote Speakers

There are currently 36 keynotes on the list. There is a good range and high profile names. All costs for keynote speakers are covered (25 keynotes).

 The BSA proposes to add the following topics and make the following changes:

·         Include Psychology of Terrorism/Aggression

·         Cross cultural and cultural psychology – promote psychology of religion to its own category.

·         Add social psychology, basic cognitive psychology, racism and xenophobia


Extended Abstract Book

The publishing of an extended abstract book at a fee of 120 euro by the journal of behavioural sciences is under consideration. It is a 5 page entry. The BSA is concerned about the reviewing process of the journal.


Ø  BSA to send suggestions with regards to the list of symposium speakers (International and European) and panel discussions.

Ø  BSA to send suggestions and nominate one person to join the Scientific Committee.

Ø  BSA to comment on the themes of the ECP.

Ø  BSA to give the Organising Committee feedback on the idea of the abstract book.


12.   Scientific Support for EFPSA's Events and EFPSA Report

Clara gave an overview of the Scientific Events. An Events Documentation and Archive Task Force was created with the aim of updating the manuals. Once the manuals have been updated they will be sent to the BSA for feedback.


13.   World Theme Days: Input from Board of Scientific Affairs http://www.un.org/en/sections/observances/international-days

 In regards to publications for world theme days, the EFPA Working Groups create the draft and the EC checks it.


Ø  World Mental Health Day: Daryl to contact Sabine or someone relevant to see what is planned for that day.


14.   Liaison with other EFPA Boards, SCs, TFs, and WGs

 Andrea wrote to Board of Ethics and EC but didn’t receive a reply. The BSA would like regular correspondence with them. Christoph suggested that he would follow this up.

15.   European Semester hosted by the British Psychological Society (http://www.eusemester.uk)

 The BSA sends their thanks to British Psychological Society. They have been very supportive throughout the whole semester.


16.   Place(s) and calendar of meetings 2018

Suggestion to meet over two days with a meeting start time of possibly around 3 or 4pm on the Friday. However, this would depend on availability and whether there are specific work projects that require completion. The next meeting will be held in Vienna between 9th – 10th November 2018.


17.   Agenda for next meeting

Research ethics with special reference to good scientific practice & the responsibility of scientific authorship (Ann-Charlotte).


18.   Review of BSA Website

There are missing minutes from Amsterdam and Berlin.

The Proposed Minimum Standards for the Doctorate Degree in Psychology in Europe was last updated in 2010. The document was created to provide guidelines to people organising PhD programmes.

Andrea and Daryl to take a look at the document and keep an eye out for things that may need to be added such as scientific standards and misconduct, new developments, ethical standards, data sharing, open data and authorship and cumulative PhD by publication.

The BSA sends their thanks to Filip for updating the website.


Ø  Remo to finalise Amsterdam minutes and send them to Filip to upload.

Ø  Filip to upload Berlin & Prague minutes.

Ø  Daryl to ask Filip to remove the report from the Oslo GA.

Ø  Christian and Clara to send biographies for the website.

Ø  Invite members to update the biographies on the website.

Ø  Christoph to ask for traffic data and analytics for BSA website.

Ø  Andrea and Daryl to look at the document on Proposed Minimum Standards for the Doctorate Degree in Psychology in Europe and see if this should be a bigger project.


19.   Close


The BSA express their thanks to Daryl for organising the meeting, and to the British Psychological Society for the venue, dinner, lunch and snacks.