10th November 2018, Vienna



Board Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 10th November 2018





Venue | Meeting room of the Faculty of Psychology or Vienna University, Liebiggasse 5, Vienna

Time | 10.00 – 16:00 (GMT)


Member Present | Daryl O’Connor, Remo Job, Christoph Steinbach, Christian Korunka, Andrea Abele-Brehm, José Maria Prieto-Zamora, Anders Hovland, Olivier Luminet, Georgia Panayiotou.


Minutes | by Andrea Abele-Brehm (1-7) and Remo Job (8-18)


 1.       Welcome and Introduction

Daryl welcomes everyone to the meeting and thanks Christoph Korunka (Austrian Psychological Society) for hosting a wonderful dinner at Gasthof Wild, as well as the preparations for the meeting.


2.       Apologies for Absence

Ann-Charlotte Smedler and Filip Smolík passed on their apologies for absence.


3.       Approval of minutes of the London Meeting | May 2018

The minutes from the London Meeting were reviewed and approved with one change (see attached minutes from London meeting).


Ø  Minutes from Prague meeting still to be uploaded to the BSA website; Minutes from London meeting, as well

Ø  Ann Charlotte’s topic on research ethics with special reference to good scientific practice & the responsibility of scientific authorship was moved tothe next meeting’s agenda as she could not attend the meeting.

4.       Matters arising from minutes


Ø  EFPA to forward final report of European Congress 2017 in Amsterdam to BSA

Ø  Clara to send information on manuals (see TOP 12, minutes from London meeting)

Ø  Review from BSA website: there are missing minutes from Amsterdam and Berlin


5.       Review of workplan for 2018

The two-year work plan, December 2018 – 2019 was reviewed to make sure that the Board is on track.


6.       EFPA Business meeting Cyprus, November 2018

Daryl presented the slides for the forthcoming meeting.

 Ø  EFPA news magazine: submissions appreciated; deadline: every 2th day of month of publication (news@efpa.eu)

 European Congress of Psychology 2021 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Organising Committee has been established and they have set up the website. The BSA is in ongoing communication with them to help them to organise the Congress.



Ø  The convenor of the next European congress should be member of BSA for the time from start to congress;

Ø  Presently: Valentin Vucik from Ljubiljana to be invited


The Call for European Congress of Psychology 2023 is in progress and preparation for bids is ongoing within the EC.


The next European Semester is still open.


7.       Update and discussion about ECP 2019 in Moscow (Anna Leybina).

Before our meeting Anna sent an email to Daryl asking several questions. The board discussed these questions in advance of a skype meeting with Anna and then again with Anna. Mainly following Anna’s suggestions, the following decisions have been taken:


Ø  Participants of ECP are asked if they want a publication (extended abstract, up to 8 pages) of their contribution; in case the scientific committee accepts the abstract, they have two options:

o   Either publication in “Behavioral Sciences”; this would cost them 75€ for each paper;

o   Or publication in “Psychology in Russia”; this would be free of charge.

o   The articles will be published as PDFs, no hard copy.

Ø  The 75€ fee would cover all costs related to the publication in “Behavioral Sciences” (bank transfer, possibly costs of copy-editing, in some cases costs for reviewing the paper, etc.). 

Ø  Additionally, it is planned to publish four special issues of “Psychology in Russia” (10 per issue) on topics related to the congress. The BSA advises:

o   First have an overview of submissions and look at core areas within the topics suggested; then decide on the specific topics of the special issues;

o   One suggestion was to have one special issue on papers that are particularly interesting and excellent (need not be in the same field);

o   Another suggestion was to have one issue with overview articles and/or metaanalyses (need not be in the same field).

o   After the topics are settled, BSA might help in finding editors.

Ø  We also discussed the issue of gender balance in the keynote speakers. Anna will be happy to receive suggestions. These should take into account that every country must not send more than two keynote speakers.

Ø  After identifying some European countries not/ or under-represented, the Board proposes the following distinguished women colleagues to improve the gender balance (at present, less than 25% of keynote speakers are women) and Daryl will pass these names to Anna:

o   Batja Mesquita (Leuven University)

o   Vera Hoorens (Leuven University)

o   Eva Demerourti (Eindhoven University)

o   Minet de Wind (Utrecht University)

o   Maria Lewicka (N. Copernicus University, Poland)

o   Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (UCL, London)

Ø  Submissions for the congress will be open from December 15th, 2018.


8.       Minimal standards for PhD programs in Europe

Andrea reviews the changes done to the document. There is a discussion about the label Ph.D vs Doctorate Program and about several other issues. The Board decides to ask Andrea to modify and re-arrange the document on the basis of the discussion and to either approve it by mail or to bring it to discussion on our next meeting.

Christopher proposes that the Board, in addition to the minimal standard document, takes the initiative to work on a new document on innovative Doctoral Programs (“gold standard”).


Ø  Andrea sends document to members of BSA (done); members respond.

Ø  Andrea finalizes the document attached).

Ø  “Gold standard” put on the to-do list.


9.       Evidence-based practice

Following the symposium in ECP 2017 Amsterdam organized by the Board there have been actions to spread and publish the results of the survey and the theoretical framework underlying it (see London minutes). Anders and Andreas have worked on a paper that will be sent to Remo and to the members of the Board. Remo to send the slides of the ECP2017 symposium to Anders. Thanks to Anders for working brilliantly on this issue. Interested Board members can be involved in the proceeding of the work.


Ø  Deciding on having the paper as an editorial or as a special issues (the latter may lengthen the time quite a lot) of EP. 

Ø  New draft by the end of January.


10.   Improving Psychological Science in Europe

Daryl proposes the organization of a symposium at ECP2019: new developments (e.g. theory development, pre-registration, open science, survey about the German recommendations). Collecting ideas and then planning the symposium and checking for deadlines. A Round Table about gold standard for Doctoral Programs could also be co-organized with EFPSA.



Ø  Daryl to check with organizers about deadlines.


11.   cOALition S

Open access 2020 Founding: To check the development of this initiative that may deeply affect  the founding system for science.


Ø  Daryl to report any relevant developments at the next meeting.


12.   European Psychologist

The agreement with Hogrefe will continue. In a recent meeting among the Editor-in-chief, the EC and the Publisher there have been discussions as to how to improve the benefit for EFPA. Some of the outcome are proposals about abstracts of published papers written to benefit a large audience (including professionals) and possibly published in the EFPA Newsletter.

Under discussion: ways for making the journal available to members.


13.   EFPSA

Postponed to the next meeting as Clara is not present.


14.   International days

In touch with Sabine for aspects related to the technical and organizational support.

Two choices for now:

10 November World science day for peace

11 February World day for women and girls in science



Ø  Decide about some appropriate (from a Psychological point of view) themes.

Also, organize a bank of info, to be used appropriately, by asking colleagues in the member associations to provide material according to their specialization and knowledge about relevant events in their country.


15.   Liaison

Letter by Ann-Charlotte with her contacts; Daryl interaction with the other Conveners.


16.   European semester Cyprus

A lot of activities, and a lot of positive feedback about these activities. The Board expresses congratulations about the success, which allows EFPA to know more about the situation of psychology in the country, as well as about the country itself. Unfortunately the Board could not arrange a meeting in Cyprus during the Semester but plans to hold the next meeting there.


17. Next meeting

Proposed dates: Cyprus,  April 12-13 2019 conditioned to Georgia’s confirmation.


18 Closing

The Board expresses thanks to Christian for organizing the meeting and to the Austrian Psychological Society for the venue, dinner, lunch, and snacks.


The meeting closes at 4.20pm